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Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet

I believe there are certain pieces that EVERY woman needs in her closet! This can apply to men too. You should invest in these items which means they should be quality items that will last. Good quality will cost you a little more so buy these items on sale. Classic fashion pieces will last for years and you can definitely get your money’s worth. You can mix & match the pieces mentioned below to construct stylish outfits. Let’s get started!

1. A good pair of denim jeans and denim jacket

Good denim is a necessity! Denim is very versatile and can serve many purposes. Denim can be dressed up and down. You can wear together and add a white button-down blouse, which is another item that is essential, and look amazing! You can wear the jacket with almost anything and the jeans with different tops. The number of looks that can be styled with a pair of jeans and denim jacket is countless. These items can be worn year-round.

2. Black Leather Jacket

This is a fall, winter, and spring essential! Leather jackets are versatile. It can be worn casually with a graphic t-shirt and jeans. It can be thrown over your shoulders with a cocktail dress. Leather jackets are both trendy and classic. They will forever be in style! If you’re against purchasing a real leather jacket, look for a good vegan leather.

3. A white button-down blouse/dress shirt

Another classic! White button-downs can be paired with skirts, jeans, or underneath a suit. An oversized white button down can be worn as a dress or boyfriend styled. You can never go wrong with a white button- down, jeans, and a pair of cute heels.

4. LBD

LBD equals Little Black Dress. No matter the age, size, or business profession, every woman needs one. An LBD is appropriate for most, if not all, occasions. You can throw a blazer on top for work or a business meeting. You can add a leather jacket for an edgy night look. Your accessories will play a vital role to fit the occasion.

5. A classic neutral color suit (preferably black)

A suit is one investment that is appropriate for a business meeting, an evening out, job interview, first day on the job, etc. When you are not certain what to wear, a classic suit is always appropriate, making that first impression a good impression.

6. A nice pair of black pumps

Black pumps can be worn with almost anything for almost any occasion!

All these items are classics. Classic clothing is an investment! Why? Because these items are the foundation of most outfits. I don’t mind spending a little extra money on these because they are pieces that endure the test of time and I will get good wear out of them. I lean towards black clothing for many reasons. Black is chic and slimming. Black goes with everything and it gives an expensive vibe. Black can be worn for most occasions. Black is sexy and classy.

Never spend a lot of money on trends. Trendy clothing are items that are only in style for a season or two, popular for a while then a new wave hit. We can all remember something we have purchase because it was “in” at the time and once it went out of style, we never picked it up again. Yes, fashion repeats itself, but by the time the trend comes back around you probably won’t know what you did with the clothing. Ultimately, it’s a waste of money because when fashion goes out of style, you may never wear it again.

What to take away from this post:


2. Never spend a lot of money on trendy clothing. 3. You can never go wrong with black.

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