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Hey, girl! Welcome!!!

Hi Chicsters! I am Kimberly Merritt, a 30-year-old fashion blogger located in Birmingham, Alabama. For fun, I started my fashion page on Instagram two years ago this month. My intention was to start a blog to accompany the fashion page. This has always been the goal. I'm a little late but I'm here and I'm so glad to share this journey with you! Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

Let me tell you how my fashion journey started. As a child, I remember taking weekend trips to the mall with my grandmother, mom, and aunts (strong, black, and some of the most fashionable women I know). They took pride in how they carried themselves and that showed through their clothing. They strutted with pride and sassiness in their outfits! I admired them and wanted to take the same pride in my appearance. So, I modeled myself after their examples!

I attended private school all of my elementary and high school years, so I was stuck with wearing uniforms. I made the best out of the situation and always made sure my handbag, the only accessory I could wear, expressed my fashion sense. My purse represented how I was feeling and what I was serving that day or week. I took advantage of weekends because I did not have to wear a uniform. Sundays were special! Going to church was when I really dressed up!

If you have never been to a Southern Black Baptist church or a Baptist church convention, you’re missing out. I remember my grandmother, mom, and cousin dressed in their suits, high heels, and especially the hats. My aunts didn't wear hats but they weren't to be left out with their dresses and heels. My dad and I would have a mini photoshoot every Sunday before leaving for church. You couldn’t tell me a thing when I was dressed with a matching purse, lace socks, and patent leather shoes.

My mom and aunt took pride in their work attire as well. More casual suits (not to be confused with their church suits, lol) and heels were worn Monday through Friday. As a child, I didn't know exactly what they did at work but I just knew from their attire that they were on top of their game! I learned at an early age that in everything I do to make sure I dressed the part. My aunt always told me "if you don't know, show." So, even when I was not confident in what I was doing, I always showed up DRESSED for the occasion and buckled down to learn. Truly, a life lesson.

I gained weight after I graduated from Miles College and felt that I lost some of my diva status and fierceness. I let my confidence slip with every pound I gained. As I lost my confidence, I lost my passion for fashion. I was in a funk about my appearance. Styles I used to wear didn't look good on me anymore. I outgrew my collection of clothes that I worked so hard to grow. Stores where I used to shop don't carry the size that I need. I just hit an all-time low. One of my close friends suggested that I start a fashion blog. I don't know if she knew the image crisis I was facing, but I couldn't even imagine people wanting to follow me for style inspiration or fashion advice. I accepted the challenge, especially because I didn't think highly of myself at the time. I couldn't give other people advice on where to shop and how to look if I didn't know myself. So, I had to reinvent myself. I looked for styles and clothing that made me feel like the "old me" but was flattering on the "new me”. I have learned so much along the way and want to inspire others. When you look good, you feel good and you do good! I'm still learning and still trying new things out. But I'm here to share with you what I've learned thus far.

Come along on this journey with me. I promise you won't regret it!

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