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Spring 2021 Color Trends

I know most of us have started shopping for the spring. We’ve been locked up in the house all of 2020 and we’re not having it in 2021. Someone is going to see this fit!!! So, since we are preparing to for our reintroduction to the outside, we need to be in style and in color. I thought I should share the popular colors I’ve seen on most websites for spring.

1. Bold and vibrant colors- Colors like yellow, orange, red, and pink are in this spring. The bolder, the better. If you’re afraid to wear bold colors start off with something small. You can add color to a neutral outfit by adding colorful accessories. This will introduce colors into your wardrobe and make you more comfortable with wearing colors. Soon, you will be able to rock a colorful dress or pants suit. Color blocking is in the spring. Having these color options in your wardrobe will give you a few more choices to create outfits with color blocking. We have to let our inner light show on the outside!

2. Pastels- Pastels is the new neutral. I’ve seen a lot of lavender, light blue, and light green. Pastels can be worn in a monochromatic look or mixed and matched. Pastels are for days that you want to wear a little color.

3. White works with most anything. You can add it to the bold or pastel colors. You can add it to the basic black or blue outfit. It works as an item of clothing or an accessory. When in doubt, add something white this spring.

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